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When to Use and Not to Use MongoDB

NoSQL has relaxed ACID properties and guarantees better performance, scalability, flexibility, and reduced complexity. Surely, you would have heard about this several times, if you’re interested in this topic. This tutorial on What is MongoDB will give you a deep understanding of its working and applications. In addition to the flexible cost for dedicated clusters, you can now create Serverless Databases.

To become an expert in MongoDB, one should start by understanding its history and roots. They should understand and master schema design and data modelling. After mastering data modelling, the next step would be to master querying – both CRUD and more advanced concepts. Understanding the aggregation framework and how or when to index would be the next step. The major challenge developers and architects face when choosing to work with MongoDB is the database design.

Load Balancing and Scalability:

MongoDB documents mapping to data structures in most popular programming languages can be a huge advantage in terms of time to write, debug, and maintain code. Engineering innovations by MongoDB support massive numbers of reads and writes. MongoDB’s approach to sharding is at the heart of these innovations, allowing clusters of information to be stored together as the information is spread across the cluster of computers. By comparison, most SQL databases use a scale-up architecture that is limited because it relies on creating faster and more powerful computers. The application modernization era is happening across a global variety of industries.

Why is MongoDB so popular

And while operations performed on Mongo are as necessary as those performed on SQL, it is more faster because of it’s simplicity. MongoDB Atlas is MongoDB’s DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) platform offering that provides a fully managed MongoDB cluster with a dedicated MongoDB instance for each user. Atlas has all the features of a MongoDB Enterprise instance, plus the ability to scale horizontally and vertically in a click of a button. You can get started with MongoDB Atlas today by creating a free cluster. The native time series collections in MongoDB are designed to be storage-efficient and perform well with sequences of measurements.

Ad-hoc queries

Any of these events would make accessing your data nearly impossible. The MongoDB database platform has been downloaded over 200 million times with over 1.8 million MongoDB University registrations. There are drivers for 10+ languages, with dozens more added by the community.

  • Now that we have retrieved the user’s profile information, we’d likely send that information up the stack to the frontend UI code.
  • When modeling data in MongoDB, it is common to embed objects within each other.
  • Horizontal scaling means that each shard in every cluster houses a portion of the dataset in question, essentially functioning as a separate database.
  • India’s Unique Identification project boasts the largest biometric database in the world.
  • Sharding is a method for distributing data across multiple servers.

See Percona’s recent news coverage, press releases and industry recognition for our open source software and support. As a developer you, need to get know how to convert the each ‘BlogPost’ object to and from the set of tables that house them in the relational model. what is MongoDB The fundamental task of programming is telling a computer how to do something. MongoDB’s managed database service is growing rapidly, driving impressive revenue growth. India’s Unique Identification project boasts the largest biometric database in the world.

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You can provision a cluster with a few clicks from the web interface and start writing code almost immediately. The ease of use and increase in developer productivity when working with MongoDB has built a large and growing community of MongoDB developers. Project numbers are growing as users are becoming more and more successful with MongoDB adoption.

This is because MongoDB blends seamlessly with programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby and Python; this seamless blending conveys high coding velocity. This feature along with its simplicity, has made MongoDB very popular in a short span of time. With Couchbase, certain tasks can be more challenging or time-consuming. Its indexing mechanisms are not as well-developed as those of some other database solutions.

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MongoDB is a modern, document database, built for today’s applications. It enables you to build apps to do things you could never do before, in much less time and for much less cost. MongoDB is also a very performant database system, thanks to features like embedded data models, indexing, sharding, the flexible documents that you know I believe, native duplication and so much more. And it is a free and open-source database, published under the SSPL license. Time series data is most commonly generated by a device, such as a sensor, that records data over time.

Why is MongoDB so popular

You can learn more about why to use MongoDB in this article or try it right away with MongoDB Atlas, the database-as-a-service offering by MongoDB. Detailed documentation with examples and full tutorials including a full community and developer hub websites. There are no additional enterprise-grade security features like field level encryption or storage encryption. MongoDB was built from the ground up to support distribution of data using replication and sharding mechanisms.

CouchDB vs MongoDB queries explained

Perhaps most importantly, the developer controls the database schema. Developers adjust and reformat the database schema as the application evolves without the help of a database administrator. When needed, MongoDB can coordinate and control changes to the structure of documents using schema validation.

For these databases, you will only be charged for the actual usage, making it very flexible and perfect for many lower-usage use cases. We’ll import what we need, connect to the database, and declare our variables. I’m going to simplify things by hardcoding the User ID of the user whose profile we will be retrieving rather than pulling it dynamically from the frontend code.

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Irrespective of whether we come from an RDBMS or a NoSQL background, designing the database such that it can solve our current and future problems is a difficult task. Having been there and struggled with it in the past, I have put emphasis on how someone coming from a relational background can model different relationships in MongoDB. I have also included easy to understand and follow checklists around different aspects of MongoDB.


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